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Birthdate:Oct 15
Location:Virginia, United States of America
Just this guy, y'know? Big, not so hairy anymore, not so non-conformist, not so removed from it all. Married (quite happily), got more kids than I ever expected, four girls, and this is not a bad thing, though quite challenging at times. Without prodding from my wife, I tend towards hard core introverting, though that seems to be mellowing with age.

My lovely wife (MLW) is my partner, my equal, the manager of the money, the mother of my children, my sub, and whatever else she decides to be that week. We are kinda sorta poly, pretty kinky, are getting better at sharing and playing well with others, and a tiny little nest of freakiness in the heart of middle class suburbia.

I've started putting a number of my more sexuality based posts behind various filters. Drop me a note if you'd like to read them.

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